Indiana Creditor Rights Attorneys

Creditor Rights & Debt Collection at Wagner & Wagner, LLP

Collecting money and recovering property owed to you can be difficult, but Wagner & Wagner .  Wagner & Wagner, LLP can help you understand each step of the process and your options at each stage.  Some of the services we provide to creditors include:

  • Litigation
  • Judgment collection
  • Asset seizures
  • Pursuit of wage garnishment orders
  • Mortgage, lease and rental agreement enforcement
  • Reworking loan agreements
  • Filing and defending bankruptcy claims

Settlement and Litigation

When a creditor and a debtor can reach an agreement, they can the delay and expense of litigation; sometimes, however, an agreement isn’t possible and litigation is necessary to obtain a judgment.  Wagner & Wagner, LLP can represent you in the trial process, from small claims cases to substantial litigation.  Once a judgment is obtained, collection efforts can begin.

When a Debtor files Bankruptcy

Ultimately, a debtor may choose to file bankruptcy, but claims may still be paid if assets are recovered by the trustee.  Wagner & Wagner, LLP can represent creditors in the bankruptcy process so that your claim is included in the event that non-exempt assets are recovered.

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